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Here, ample inlets, bays and 3000 miles of shoreline are richly populated with species like lake trout, walleye, bass & pike. All this rich shoreline means that very few spots are fished with any frequency. For those who have only dreamt of spending days fishing in such a remote and roadless wilderness, a trip to Temagami Lodge offers easy access to this freshwater fishing haven.

Our goal is to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to experience the best fishing of their lives with us, and that means more than just providing access to Lake Temagami's abundant waters. It means all areas of our fishing operations are focused on meeting and exceeding our guests expectations, from the choice and maintenance of our boats and equipment, to our safety procedures, fish handling methods, and the sharing of our incomparable knowledge of this area and the techniques required for successful fishing.

Cleaning fish can be messy business. Our dedicated fish-cleaning hut ensures that cooking is left in the kitchen and cleaning is left in the fish shack. Our staff maintains and stocks this area daily.