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FAQ and Trip Planning

What do I need to bring?

Not as much as you think – formal attire is not required for our nightly gatherings on the main dock. Remember to bring all personal articles, a worked-in pair of rubber-soled shoes, fishing gear & tackle and a flashlight as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. Linens are provided, as are face and bath towels although you’ll want to bring some beach towels. Comfortable, informal attire should include a heavy sweater or jacket…oh, and rain gear might be an unfortunate necessity. Remember to bring a camera to capture your unique vacation experience. Lastly, bring enough food provisions for the week.

I hate bugs! Will there be bugs?

Temagami is bug free! Of course there are going to be bugs; there are bugs back home, too. Fortunately, sunny days and a mild breeze keep the mosquitoes to a minimum. Some people choose to bring bug spray, only to find most of it goes back home. Usually the worst of Blackfly season is be behind us before our season even begins.

How long can I stay?

As long as you want! Our summer season generally begins around the Victoria Day weekend and extends to the end of September. Many guests stay for multiple weeks. We offer a $25 reduced rate (from our regular rate) on subsequent week bookings. Arrangements can be made to use our laundry facilities for guests who stay longer than one week. Hint: September is Temagami’s best-kept secret!

I need to keep in touch while I’m away. Can I?

Although we want you to experience a more simple life while visiting the Lodge, we understand that oftentimes life on the mainland needs tending to. We are happy to keep you in contact with the outside world. Arrangements for internet & computer access as well as faxing, printing and copying can be made right on site.

Will I catch fish?

To be honest it’s pretty hard not to on Lake Temagami.

But what if I have to cancel?

We know that plans sometimes change. That's okay. Our standard policy is that you can transfer your deposit to another week of the same year. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange to transfer you to a week that works better for you.